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Lisa Wilkinson Quits Today And Announces Move To Ten In Shock Announcement

Lisa Wilkinson has quit the Today Show and will take up a new role with Channel Ten’s The Project, announcing her resignation from Nine in a statement on Twitter on Monday night. Wilkinson, who was recently announced as the host for the 2017 Walkley Awards, said today was her last day at the helm of Nine’s breakfast show. The statement said Channel Nine

That 'Feeling in Your Bones' Has Nothing to Do with the Weather
By - Terry

That ‘Feeling in Your Bones’ Has Nothing to Do with the Weather

Some people say their joint or back pain changes with the weather, but a new study finds no link between achy joints and rainfall patterns. The study analyzed Medicare insurance claims from more than 1.5 million Americans ages 65 and older, along with daily rainfall data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Using the insurance claims, the researchers looked

'Hallucination Machine' Takes You on a Drug-Free Psychedelic Trip
By - Terry

‘Hallucination Machine’ Takes You on a Drug-Free Psychedelic Trip

Virtual-reality devices can transport users to magical realms from the comfort of their own homes, but a new device built by British engineers takes users on a different kind of trip: It lets people experience the trippy visuals brought on by psychedelic drugs in a completely drug-free way. But this “hallucination machine” isn’t just for entertainment; it also opens new

Raw Milk Contaminated with Bacteria in Up To 4 States, CDC Warns
By - Terry

Raw Milk Contaminated with Bacteria in Up To 4 States, CDC Warns

If you consumed raw milk in the past six months, you may need antibiotics: “People who bought and drank raw milk from a company called Udder Milk may have been infected with a rare but potentially serious germ called Brucella abortus RB51” and should seek medical care, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said today (Nov. 21) in

Doctors Cut Into Mom's Womb to Repair Baby's Spinal Cord Defect
By - Terry

Doctors Cut Into Mom’s Womb to Repair Baby’s Spinal Cord Defect

Doctors in Canada performed a life-altering surgery on a fetus still developing inside its mother’s womb to correct a spinal defect that would have led to spina bifida, according to news reports. Spina bifida is a type of birth defect that occurs when the spinal column, or spine, which surrounds the spinal cord, doesn’t fully close around the cord during